| Diner Spectacles |

| Fire Time |

If the Russian dancers will dazzle you with the beauty and harmony of their shows, the fire-eaters will surprise you with their dexterity and mastery. Installed on the patio, they play with the flames before your amazed eyes. This magical and ultra visual show is one of the most anticipated moments of the evening. Unique in Marrakech, this pyrotechnic feat is both spectacular and breathtaking. Come discover these extraordinary performances!

| Oriental Show |

Temple of the Arabian Nights, Palais Jad Mahal offers you every evening a sumptuous ballet of oriental dance. Lively and choreographed, these shows pay tribute to this ancestral dance and its many styles. The girls dressed in beautiful costumes go from table to table and train you in a world as surprising as magic.
Let go and let yourself be transported into the magical universe of the Jad Mahal troupe …